Friday, October 23, 2015

invitation to the first catahoula mardi gras

TO ALL OF YOU who are dreaming of the springtime, flowers, birds, fishing and picnicking— we extend a cordial invitation to attend our Mardi Gras Celebration at Catahoula Lake. It’s a “Fisherman’s Dream of Paradise” that we have in store for you.
     His majesty, Pierre Du Bois — king of the woods and streams will reign over his subjects for this special night for your fun and pleasure. The King’s court will consist of seven beautiful girls: the queen, Marie Belle Chance, as “Lady Luck” and her six maids — each representing one of the elements which make for good fishing. Fishermen Dukes will escort the maids.
     The Dukes and Maids will form a pageant representing the most important elements essential to good fishing such as Highwater, A Clear Day, The Sun, A Cool Breeze, A Summer Shower, and for lovers of night fishing, A Clear and Starry Night.
     Accompanying the elements will be the fishermen Dukes carrying glamorized versions of the articles used in the sport of fishing such as paddles, fishing poles, minnow nets, crawfish traps, crab nets, gasoline cans, etc. 
     Following the pageant will be the contest for the children’s costumes. Immediately after the contest there will be a big dance at Ignace Doucet’s dance hall.