Friday, October 23, 2015

catahoula royalty

THE FIRST ANNUAL Carnival held at the Catahoula School Gym last Friday night was a great success and very beautiful.
     Mr. Ignace Doucet reigned as King Pierre Du Bois I and Miss Laura Mae Barras was Queen Marie Belle Chance I. The king wore a tuxedo, with a shawl made of sequins in the design of a fish net, draped across his right shoulder to his left side at the waist. He carried a bejeweled coffee pot and wore his crown of red satin, trimmed with gold sequins and rubies.
     The queen wore a gown of white tarlatan for her skirt, trimmed with 15 fish made of diamond cloth. The mantle was made of white tarlatan with a large sunburst design in the center of silver sequins. Her crown was also made of silver sequins.
     The theme was “A Fisherman’s Dream of Paradise” and it was carried out beautifully. First came Miss Helen Courville, representing a clear day. She wore a bright pink gown with large clouds of white absorbent cotton with glitter as the silver lining. Then came Miss Shirley Doucet, representing the sun. She wore a yellow dress with a large sunburst on the left side of her skirt.
     Next came miss Helen Barras, representing the falling rain. Her dress was aqua blue and the skirt was filled with tinsel. Miss Adeline Guidry then entered representing the water. Her gown was light blue, trimmed with beads representing the bubbles over her skirt. 
     Miss Elise Latiolais, representing the wind, wore a gown of light green with falling green leaves on her skirt. Last came Miss Ethel Savoy, representing the clear and starry night. She wore a royal blue gown with a large crescent on the left side of her skirt made of diamond cloth. She also had large stars over her skirt of diamond cloth.
     Their escorts were Shelby Guilbeau, carrying a gilded crawfish cage; Sherman Olivier, carrying a crab net; Douglas Guidry, carrying a paddle; Mervin Guidry, a gasoline can; Kirby Guidry, a minnow net, and Charles Blanchard, a fishing pole.
     The court was then entertained by the children parade in costume. In the age group 1 to 6 years, Cathy Latiolais was the prettiest, she represented a seƱorita. Funniest was Lonny Melancon as Uncle Sam.
     In age 6 to 10, prettiest was Patricia Bourque as Sleeping Beauty. Funniest was Gary Blanchard as Little Black Sambo. Group 10 to 16 years, prettiest Velma Jean Guidry as Peter Pan. Funniest Raymond Blanchard as an old Negro farmer.