Friday, April 17, 2015

boy butterfly

ONE HALLOWEEN, I think I was like four, maybe five, I was really little, and I had a hard-core lisp, and I was kind of fat, and my mom was like, she asked me, OK Jordan, what do you want to be for Halloween this year, and I remember thinking about it for a second and the idea came to my mind and to my eyes, and I was like, I want to be a butterfly. And my mom just went with it. She didn’t try to steer me toward something more masculine or say that’s not what boys do. She was just like, OK, you want to be a butterfly, you’re gonna be a butterfly.
     So she got, I guess it was cardboard, and she cut out the wings and she covered them with felt, and then she sewed all these colors, like the felt was black, and then she cut out all these geometric shapes to make the pattern, almost like a monarch pattern, in the different colors, and then she like fastened them to this back piece and put little straps on the ends of the wings so l could put my hands in them and flap my wings like a butterfly.
     I remember going to our Halloween thing at church, and I feel like I made all the girls jealous. I stole the show. I had these big butterfly wings on and I was walking around flapping them, owning it. It was great. It was really awesome.