Friday, June 7, 2013

dreamland freestyle

Dreams are easy. Dreams are easy. Dreams are easy to discount. By the dreamer who dreams it, who dreams them. Dreams are easy to discount. Even the person dreaming dreams discounts them.

And the dreamer would be the most important person to the dream. Without the dreamer the dream has no connection to the larger world. It's trapped inside somewhere, elsewhere. And the dreamer, if he is so inclined, can translate that dream experience into a recording, a written recording. (Note to self: read that article about the dream recorder.) So I am a dream recorder. I scientifically record my dreams.

That's what these Facebook posts are. They're an ongoing data collection of a mental phenomenon that is the private experience of a person. But if that person is so inclined to express that dream in words, or pictures, or works of art, then that dream crosses over from dreamland, wherever that is, whatever that is, to reality, which is itself another layer of dreamland.