Thursday, June 9, 2016

indestructible dog toy

MARY says this new indestructible dog toy, for once, is actually indestructible. So far, at least, her dogs have not succeeded in destroying it.
      Which reminds me of my own indestructible toy I played with when I was a young boy. Fast-forward forty years — I can pull it down from the closet upstairs and play with it just like I used to. One of those chunky plastic oblong stackt cubes games where you have to shuttle a small white ball from one end of the oblong to the other with a TWIST of the yellow KNOB, a PIVOT of the green DIAL, and an in-and-out SLIDE of the red LEVER, or maybe it was blue. Forty years of use and it still works just the same. When it turns sixty it’ll still be working. So far — indestructible. Not many toys you can say THAT about. To me that’s what a good poem is: an indestructible dog toy. You can chew it over over but you can never chew it up.