Thursday, June 9, 2016

i am a bunny

THERES A BOOK called I AM A BUNNY. Its about this bunny named Nicholas who lives in a HOLLOW TREE, and when you turn the pages he hops from season to season.
     In spring, he picks FLOWERS. He lies in the GRASS watching INSECTS buzzing by. He chases BUTTERFLIES. In summer, he lies in the sun watching the BIRDS. The FROGS in the pond too. When it rains, he keeps dry under a TOADSTOOL. He blows DANDELION SEEDS in the air. In fall, he watches the LEAVES falling. In winter, the SNOW.
     On the last page, he curls up into a BUNNY BALL under a BABY BLUE BLANKET, exhausted after a long day of hopping. Through the oval window of his HOLLOW TREE you can see BUNNY FOOTPRINTS in the snow. RED OVERALLS hang from a hook, also a YELLOW SHIRT, and Nicholas is dreaming of spring.
     When I got to that last page the first time I read the book, I thought, hey, I REALLY AM A BUNNY! I do all of those bunny things too. OK, I don't sleep in a HOLLOW TREE. And Im too big to stand under a TOADSTOOL. But if I were tiny, and it was raining, I definitely would.