Wednesday, June 18, 2014

catahoula elementary scrapbook

TAPED TO THE INSIDE cover of a seafoam-green scrapbook with two pieces of silver duct tape, one across the top, one across the bottom, is a letter dated 25 February, 1987.

     Daughter Annette started her first year of teaching at Catahoula Elementary — Session 1986-87 — Fifth Grade — Mrs. Georgia Blanchard's first year also as principal. I started teaching Junior High — 7th and 8th grades — in Catahoula – Session 1966-67 — some 16 years after teaching at various schools throughout Louisiana. Annette brought me this picture album — which had been discarded — which was kept up my myself for the first 3 years, then by Jean Lasseigne, secretary, until about 1977. 

     Most of the black-and-white snapshots were taken by me with our ESEA school Polaroid camera. I’m very glad to obtain possession of this album because it represents almost 20 years of my picture-taking life at school.
     The snapshots were taken by me when I was principal of Catahoula Elementary from 1966-1983 using a Title I Polaroid camera —which was school property purchased by the federal government. I took many pictures —pictures of students, parents, teachers, buildings, employees, etc. until my retirement in June 1983.

     I captioned most of the photos and periodically glued them into a scrapbook. I acquired the scrapbook several years ago because it was no longer being used. The scrapbook is very fragile but I will lend it, provided that the borrower does not remove (steal) any of the photos.
     Former students, teachers, parents, etc. can request it from me for their viewing, affording them much pleasure. The scrapbook is historic and can be considered more as an educational antique as the years go by.