Friday, September 13, 2013

miss kitty

At Double Trouble this afternoon Tim asked me about the stray kitty who's been visiting us lately, also known as Miss Kitty, also known as the cat we're definitely NOT adopting.

I said, "Andrew is allergic, so we can't keep her. What should I do?"

He said, "Just keep her as an outdoor cat. Put some food out for her. She can stay outside."

I said, "What about when I'm gone? Won't she come to depend on me?"

He said, "She'll fend for herself. That's what she's doing now anyway."

He had a point.

Fast forward half an hour. I'm driving up my driveway and I see Miss Kitty in our neighbor's front yard. There's blood all over her face, around her mouth, all in her white fur, and she's biting into the neck of a dead animal, tearing the meat off of it, crunching the bones.

"Miss Kitty," I said. "What on earth are you eating?"

She looked up from her meal, and I could see it was a squirrel.