Wednesday, May 29, 2013

how to make a huge book of dreams

photo: jetheriot

1. Dream 537 dreams and post to Facebook using your phone.

2. Harvest the dreams periodically from your Facebook page, collecting them together in a Word document with one dream per page.

3. Print the dreams quarter-size on white cardstock.

4. Cut the printed cardstock into quarters.

5. Edit each dream card, snipping the upper right corner when the editing is complete.

6. Reject 37 dreams.

7. Sort the remaining 500 dreams into three stacks: small dreams, medium dreams, large dreams.

8. Shuffle each stack of cards.

9. Weave the three stacks together, ordering them to form a rhythm.

10. Edit the Word document to reflect the new dream order.

11. Add a preface.

12. Add an index.

13. Print huge pages, double-sided, for the interior of the book.

14. Design a huge cover.

15. Sew it all together.

16. Design a huge dust jacket and wrap it around the book.