Sunday, May 19, 2013


photo: jetheriot

Found this last Sunday on my bike ride. I saw the top of the back of his head peeking out from under the lid of a trash bin that was too full to be completely closed. Only about three inches was visible, but the odd flesh color and the way the plastic was stamped (G-10) made me turn my bike around and take a closer look.

I opened the lid and was happy to see I was correct. When I started to pull out what I thought was a mannequin head, I realized there was a whole torso in there buried under the trash bags. I was ecstatic. Who on earth would throw this away? I didn't think about it for too long. I plucked it out of the bin, tucked it under my left arm and took off on my bike.

Then, today, the story got VERY weird. I was going through my Facebook posts from the last couple of weeks and transferring my dreams to the file where I keep all of them collected together, and I noticed this dream from May 8th, four days BEFORE I found the mannequin torso in the trash bin: 

"I dreamed I came upon a tall cardboard box filled with flesh-colored plastic body parts and assorted toys. I stole a life-size muscular torso and a tiny toy duck and took off on my bicycle before anyone saw me. The pedaling was grueling. That old blue bike was great for exercising my thighs, but as a getaway vehicle it left something to be desired."

To recap, I dreamed I found a life-size muscular torso in a tall box and bicycled away. Then four days later, in real life, I found a life-size muscular torso in a tall box and bicycled away. What is going on? Seriously, this is crazy.