Monday, September 19, 2016

when you die

WHEN YOU DIE, and youre wandering through the bardos, youll be terrorized by various demons. Youll be very very afraid. But the important thing to remember is that, however terrifying the demons seem to be, theyre not real and they cant hurt you. Remember that. Just keep going. Theyre not real and they cant hurt you.
     Which brings me to Dixieland Jazz. Whats more terrifying? That frantic energy sends me over the edge every time. Those loud brassy wah-wah trumpets feel like hot razors in my ears! So when I hear it being played in a cafe or a store somewhere I try to keep telling myself that its only a sound. Its not real and it cant hurt me.
     Primates in the wild like to break out into party mode out of the blue. They start thump-thumping their chests and banging objects together, the noisier the better, shrieking and causing a clatter. We just want to have a good time, I keep telling myself. Is that so wrong? Thats what those trombones are for, yeah, thats right, theyre stimulating!
     I know a guy who hates the color yellow-green. Its a visceral response. I told him, Look at it this way. Its just a color. It cant hurt you. And besides, its better than beautiful, its useful. You know how they started making orange construction signs fluorescent yellow-green a few years ago? There are even yellow-green school buses now. Its not the job of every crayon in the box to be beautiful to us. Its the job of some crayons to warn us, and if they have to use our sense of disgust to do it, so be it. Lives are at stake!