Friday, December 18, 2015

principal's corner

Dear All,

     A few years ago the St. Martin Parish School Board promised us that it would try to get more land around school. This request for additional property was one of our most important long range needs because of increasing enrollment. Also we felt that there might not be any vacant property around school later on judging by the way people were buying and selling and building homes around school.
      Well, it seems as though the School Board is holding true to this last bond election promise. After much negotiations with the Martin family, an agreement was reached for the Board to have a three year option to buy four acres of land for $8,750. The Board will pay 10 percent of the property now and hopes to pay the other 90 percent by January 1, 1977.
     The property, by the way, is a beautiful tract of farmland right behind Mr. Junius Savoy’s and the Courville’s and runs along the north school fence near the obstacle course.
     By the way, students, the next time you see Mr. Camille Blanchard, please don’t forget to thank him for the big barrels many of you have been playing with on the school ground.
     I want to again take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Bienvenu and the newspaper staff for putting out another great issue of the school paper. I know that it is the best school paper in the whole parish. We send copies to most of the schools.
     Keep up the good work!

~Cliff Durand

Excerpted from the March 1974 edition of Lake Chatter, the Catahoula Elementary School newspaper.