Wednesday, March 11, 2015

the end

PUTTING THE FINISHING touches on Picture Catahoula, a hardcover collection of vintage photographs of Catahoula, three years in the making.

     I never imagined Id have the opportunity to use that phrase —The End — quite literally at the end of a book, but after watching a lot of movies from the 1940s lately, with their elegant cursives in the credits, and having designed the book as a kind of picture show, alternating images with handwritten elements, old-Hollywood-style, I decided thats exactly what I needed. So I had the designer handwrite a The End for the book. Feels great to have The End in sight.

     Of course, its not actually the end. Just like Catahoula Lake, known in legend to be bottomless, just when I think Ive gotten to the bottom of Catahoula, I find theres still more buried down there. Just last weekend I watched old 8mm movies of Catahoula and photographed old blueprints of a proposed wilderness center. Patsy has some old movies of the Mardi Gras carnival in the 1960s that Ive heard of but havent seen. In other words, theres so much more out there, waiting to be unearthed. Ill probably be doing this the rest of my life.