Monday, October 6, 2014

age of space travel

Social Studies Fair Project
4th Grade — 1983

I PLAN TO VISIT the space museum in Washington, DC this summer and I feel the project would help me to better understand the different exhibits in the museum. Most of the space programs have part of their exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

     I am also interested in the space shuttle program which is now being worked on at NASA. I hope to follow the space shuttle program as it develops more and more. One day I am sure there will be a large number of people circling in outer space doing experiments and other jobs necessary to keep us alive on our planet. It will be able to study agriculture and weather and maybe fix other satellites in space. I may want to study to become a space scientist when I go to college.
     For my project I wrote off to NASA in Florida and Houston. I made the rocket models from odds and ends. The Industrial Arts teacher made the staircase and painted it. All my drawings were sketched freehand and then put on posters. I obtained books and magazines from our school library and also the public library. I also viewed films and filmstrips on space travel checked out by my teacher.