Monday, February 24, 2014

catahoula cove

When film was a precious commodity, and photographs were costly to print, most people just took pictures of other people.
Even as recently as the 70s and 80s, unless someone in the family was artistically inclined, or the landscape was particularly dramatic, families, as a rule, took pictures of people: birthdays, christmas, that sort of thing. 

For example, I've gone through thousands of photographs of Catahoula, and I haven't found one of the lake. Yes, there are photographs where the lake can be seen in the background – people posing on the bridge, children swimming in the water, men fishing from pirogues – but I haven't ever come across a photograph of the lake itself before, say, 1980, or a mossy landscape, or a sugar cane field. 

So this photograph has meaning for me because someone, struck by the splendor of the day, spent his precious film to record it. Two trees, a fence, and not a soul in sight.