Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the familiar becomes invisible

photo: jetheriot

A Scandinavian man vacationing in Acadiana returned to the home of his hostess after an exhilarating drive through the countryside. In recounting his day's journey, the tourist spoke with spirit about a beautiful tree he had seen. The tree made such an impact, in fact, he was breathless as he described it. The hostess could not imagine which exotic tree he had happened upon.  The man took his hostess by the elbow and pointed through the window to some trees in the distance. “What is the name of this tree?" The hostess didn't see any trees. The man went outside and marched across the yard to the trees growing wild in the ditches. He reached up and pulled down a low-hanging branch, blossoming with lavender flowers. “This one,” he yelled back the question to his hostess, “What is this wonderful flower?”