Thursday, September 9, 2010

heavy chance of rain

shoes by Christian Louboutin

She looked toward the rainclouds through the open door of the café and said, “It’s not going to get any better.”

Then she took off her heels and steeled her disposition and hobbled off into the downpour – get this – on her heels. No, not the pair of slingbacks she dangled from the crook of her pinky finger: her actual heels. Tonk. Tonk. Tonk. Tonk. Out into the rain balancing on the balls of her feet.

I've heard stories of women who always wear heels: buttering the toast, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, all day long in heels, never going barefoot, even slipping into a nightgown in heels. And seeing a woman in Houston wearing jogging pants with heels only added credence to the stories.

Was this woman one of those women? Had she forgotten how to walk barefoot? Maybe her feet just panicked. Tonk. Tonk. Tonk. Tonk. Was she going to walk all the way to her car like that? Could she? It was getting really nasty out there.