Monday, June 7, 2010

going nude

 shoes by Jimmy Choo

Why I read the article about Molly Ringwald's style tips this morning I will never know. Probably for the same reason I read the one about Jennifer Aniston's baby food diet, whatever that reason was. Anyway, Molly passed along a nugget of wisdom she picked up during the time she spent on Broadway: nude heels.

Not only are they versatile, they give you longer legs. "Nude," I thought, "won't they look orthopedic?"  Then, standing in line at House of Tea this afternoon, deciding between Attar of Roses, an oolong scented with rose petals, and For a Lady, a lavender green, I noticed the legs of a woman wearing a radiant summer shift patterned with stained-glass motifs. Nice. And the bottom of her legs disappeared into a pair of nude high heels. Molly Ringwald was right, her legs did go on for days.